SERVICES & Benefits 

We welcome to hear from you and talk about honeybee hive hosting, pollination, or other services. However, first we would like to highlight some of the many facts and benefits about bees.
  • Honeybees contribute to nearly $20 billion to the value of US crop production and this directly correlates to the management of honeybees, pollination, and increased crop yields.
  • Bees pollinate nearly 85% of the crops (i.e., fruits, herbs, and vegetables) consumed by humans and livestock.
  • Honey and the beeswax have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory components which can help heal wounds, fight off bacteria and soothe dry skin.
  • Raw natural honey taste better and is a “Superfood” packed with antioxidants, and naturally contains trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Bees are health indicators of our environment, which directly correlates to the health of our ecosystem, the foods we grow and consume.
Besides the above, there are many other facts, benefits, and we would welcome to share and partner with you. To take the next step, please fill-out the form so we can schedule a time to meet, perform a property walk-through, and determine if it the site is a good fit for a hive(s), answer questions, or support swarm removal needs.